Losing Weight and Getting Healthy isn’t THAT Hard…!?

Sometimes people try to lose weight…and they try really hard..

but they don’t realise that they have lost a lot of

stomach acid over the years…

Or that they have the candida fungus thanks to

mercury fillings(called silver filings-what a lie!)

I don’t know how many people notice a weight loss

improvement after they have had their mercury fillings

removed (if they’re even aware of how much of an effect

they’re having)but they probably think they lost the

weight for a different reason.


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So go and buy yourself a dog if you want to get fit.

Look into a Pomeranian or a border collie or a

poodle…or a German shepherd.

Good dogs.

Pomeranian and poodle training

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training an intelligent dog

why am i losing my hair?

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